Technical assessment, interior design, FF&E selection/procurement, F&B design, art collection review, hotel room design, offie planning, conference facility design, contractor coordination


Hotel / F&B

Refurbishment of a legendary cruise-ship

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One of the most intriguing and remarkable projects in our portfolio. A rare combination of historic restoration, technical complexity, art curation, multiple interconnected intro design projects and a nearly impossible deadline. Launched by Canard in the mid-60’s, the QE2 was designed to the the next generation of lifestyle cruising full of elegance, sophistical and British cool, the ultimate party boat. Subsequent to several poorly conceived renovations and left neglected for many years, our objective was to help restore the ship to its former glory. This required a detailed analysis of the existing conditions and a thorough understanding of the technical and practical limitations of restoring a 60 year old cruise ship. Given the broad scope of our role we were involved in many large and small projects that required virtually every design services we offer and several that we had to develop: hotel room interiors, multiple restaurants, entertainment venues, furniture restoration, art curation, office space, conference facilities, historic restoration and many others simultaneously with the contractor demolishing and fitting out the interior.

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