Welcome to a new wellness environment program.

October 17, 2020
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Welcome to a new wellness environment program.

The pandemic has caused us to pause the present and forced us to live in the here and now. As we move into the second half of the year, governments are easing restrictions and life is starting to come back to something we collectively understand as ‘the new normal’.
Communities are adapting to a different mantra of #StrongerTogether and rallying to support each other, while businesses are adapting by becoming more efficient in the delivery of services they offer.

Consumers have been (generally) following the guidelines implemented during the last couple of months.  However, while physical practices have been put into place the emotional wellbeing of the customer remains. This is an issue mall operators and businesses still need to address. Along with a clear communications and experience mapping strategy, management teams will need to implement an environmental wellness program that ensures customers are confident and comfortable being in a public space again.  

The first major customer interface is the mall entry, it sets expectations for the rest of the experience.  Most public spaces are currently required to have a separate entry & exit along with mandatory temperature and health screening checks. While customer traffic flow has been modified, the entry is a critical transition point and a primary location to begin implementing a more holistic wellness program. Consider this an opportunity to ensure customers feel at ease with their choice to visit your mall.

Recently the design team within Limelight Creative Services, partnered with Marketing Consultant Amy Johnstone and designed a number of transformation spaces across multiple industries including, hotels, restaurants, supermarkets & shopping malls. One area of focus includes a virtually integrated wellness lobby and complementary sanitization stations through mixed-use developments such as a shopping mall.

The Limelight strategy and design team has been working on the emotive side of shopping by addressing welfare and safety without compromising convenience or ease of entry.  The “wellness vestibule” is designed to:

  • Create a positive mind-set;
  • Communicate protocols and procedures;
  • Ensure a high standard of hygiene and safety;
  • Minimize disruption to customer flow;
  • Demonstrate a commitment to customer safety, and
  • Increase the brand value of the mall.

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