The Evolution of Auto Branding: A New Retail Sector

March 20, 2016
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This is “Intersect” by Lexus, their new F&B concept that reflects the lifestyle and sophistication of their customers and the next generation of their brand positioning. There are only 2 in the world, one in Tokyo and one here in Dubai at DIFC Gate Village, a third is opening in New York later this year. There is, in fact, very little obvious Lexus branding, it shows up very subtly in places such as the wood screen behind the exterior glazing which is comprised of the geometry of the front grill of the car, or a leather accessory which has the grill shape integrated into the clasp. There is a show car downstairs (they rotate the cars) that rests on a transparent floor covering Lexus car parts all painted matte white; nicely designed and detailed, this is just cool. This environment is elegant, sculptural, contemporary and refined,  a place for worldly gentlemen who value understatement. This is a bold move by Lexus and raises the bar on how to express your brand in new and innovative ways. Plus, it’s a really nice restaurant, well done!

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