Limelight offers a unique range of comprehensive design services that can be customized to meet the needs of any commercial, retail or hospitality project.

No need for coordinating multiple agencies, we are a single point for contact for all design services - efficient, streamlined, integrated.



Limelight offers comprehensive designsolutions through an integrated programthat seamlessly links one step in theprocess to the next.

Our services create connectivity between the earliest stages of research and strategy all the way through to delivering the completed project. Limelight offers comprehensive design solutions through an integrated program that seamlessly links one step in the process to the next.


We recognize that design is not a strictlysequential process process, it is variable,overlapping and non-linear:

• The program is the heart of the project and manages the various process components
• There are four primary co-dependent components that intersect and correlate:
• Discover: data gathering
• Define: strategy formulation
• Design: creative expression
• Deliver: technical implementation
• There are 3 layers of strategy:
• Business: the strategic platform
• Brand: the customer experience
• Design: brining the concept to life


Our methodology is based on the principle ofemploying design to provide a solutionto a strategic challenge of deliveringpositive commercial success.

The means of evaluating success is itself a challenge, in our experience there are a number of indicators that determine the success of a design program.

These indicators commonly fall into two categories:

1. Intangible: emotional or behavioural factors that often lack clear data
2. Tangible: hard data points that are based on financial or numerical targets

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