how it
all began.

From humble beginnings...

How you start with an idea and create something remarkable.


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Limelight began in Dubai with an iMac in a spare bedroom in the midst of the 2009 financial crisis.

Despite the economic turmoil of the time, the vision for Limelight was to create a new kind of design firm, one that broke a few barriers and did somethings differently.

The goal was to not only develop an agency that offered a range of services that was broader than anyone else, but to also create a collaborative design culture based on exploration, curiosity & innovation.

That culture and service offering, in combination with quite a few late nights, enabled the firm to grow into the multi-faced company it is today working across the MENA region on shopping mall, hotels, healthcare, hospitality, commercial and education projects.

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From Imagination to Experience

Headquartered in Dubai, Limelight is an integrated full-service design agency that has the power to transform the customer experience either in the virtual or physical world  through world-class architecture, interior design excellence, and innovative branding. Operating in an innovative ecosystem, the team of brand developers, graphic, digital & interior designers and architects have a hands-on approach for optimizing and accelerating business solutions. Working  through an integrated design process, the Limelight team of Strategy and design specialists delivers bespoke design solutions that creating the perfect environment for customers to interact and transact with your brand.


An international team that has worked around the world in virtually every sector of business

One of our core strengths is the ability to analyze and design a project from both a local and global perspective, and have some fun in the process.

We are always thinking. we are always exploring.

why choose limelight.

World class design delivered with a collaborative spirit

Our culture is based on exploration, curiosity, innovation and just the right amount of crazy.

Design excellence is always our goal.

Creative excellence
Everything is Design

Creative excellence is always our goal. We maintain a global view on design trends and innovation to ensure that we always deliver world class solutions.

Effective communications is a key success to every project.

Collaborative Spirit
We are One Team

Effective communications is a key success factor in every project. We continuously communicate with our all project stakeholders to mitigate risk, reduce errors and anticipate challenges..

Design is a solution to a strategic objective.

Strategy First
Whats the Big Idea

Design is a solution to a strategic objective. We must have clear business plan or set of objectives as a reference point for developing concept that deliver results.

We succeed only if our clients succeed.

Focus on Results
Making a Difference

We succeed only if our clients succeed. Achievement can be measured many ways, we measure ours by meeting client goals and objectives.

There is method in
our madness.

Process Efficiency
Let’s Get Organized

There is method in our madness. The design process can be complicated and include a lot of information, we carefully manage the details, document decisions and coordinative all the stakeholders.

We keep an eye on
the big picture.

The Big Picture
Local Knowledge GlobalPerspective

We keep an eye on the big picture. Although we work mainly in the GCC we constantly study how other regions are innovating to make we are current and providing cutting edge ideas.